About Rev. Karen

I am an ordained Unity minister who serves a spiritual community in Dallas, Texas.  My role as minister of a community is rewarding and deeply enriching.  The aspect of ministry that truly enlivens me is sharing in the extraordinary and ordinary everyday moments of people’s lives.  Thus, I seek out ceremonies and rituals to bring fullness to all aspects of people’s lives.  Ceremonies are created according to each individual or couples’ desires and purposes.

I am passionate about personal growth.  Yes, Sunday mornings are a magical time of inspiration to connect with others and to support our friends on their spiritual journey.  Yet, I have found an irresistible call to sit with others individually.  My heart’s desire is to companion others through long term spiritual direction. I purposefully create sacred space and invite the Spirit that is holy for guidance that opens each person to a deeper, more intimate relationship with the Divine.

Short term spiritual counseling is another way I fulfill my call to serve individuals.  As life experiences arise, I am ready and eager to meet with individuals who seek clarity and focus to navigate these events from the foundation of faith.  I am always seeking the guidance of the Divine for each person to learn the best possible results from their inner divine wisdom.

Whether it is rituals, ceremonies, counseling or direction, you can count on me to create sacred space, to hold confidentiality, and honor each person’s experience.  It brings me great joy to connect with others heart to heart and soul to soul.

I am a member of Spiritual Directors International, Association of Global New Thought, and Faith Forward Dallas.  Let’s connect to learn how your life might be enriched and to schedule your appointment.